Inverpad® is a revolutionary technology created by Aquark Electric Limited with the mentality of changing 50 years of tradition in the pool heat pump industry: boring design and noisy operation. It perfectly combines unique Pad Appearance, Stepless DC Inverter and Noise Cancelling technology together.

Extreme Silence

Enjoy the peace of mind by Mr Silence. Thanks to the patented airstream design technology, the sound level of Mr Silence is as low as a fridge.


Heating Rapidly

At the beginning of the spa season, Mr Silence will run at full speed to heat up the pool rapidly. Once the temperature is getting close to set point, Mr Silence automatically adjusts to a lower speed, offering a more efficient and quiet operation. The COP at low speed is up to 16.


Mr Silence

Benefiting from stepless DC inverter technology, the Mr Silence speed will be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature.

| Controller in your hands
Enjoy and access all the features of your heat pump controller

| Set Schedules
Program when or how your heat pump works

| Share with your loved ones
Let your family control Dreaming Silence

Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo.

Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


DC twin-rotary Inverter compressor of Mitsubishi.

Hot gas defrosting with Saginomiya 4-way valve for quick and efficient defrosting.

EEV technology: 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20%.

Twisted titanium heat exchanger: 40% higher efficiency than normal titanium heat exchanger.

32% GWP comparing to R410A 25% CO2 carbon consumption 25% quota cost.

Operate in air temp down to -10°C