3 reasons a hot tub is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while some people may choose to celebrate this with a meal out, a trip to the cinema or even a holiday, you can still make memories with your loved ones, all from the comfort of your own home… or garden!

A hot tub is one way that this can be achieved, and what better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than retreating to your own private getaway, with a romantic soak under the stars?

Hot tubs come in various shapes, sizes and layouts, with varying functionalities and upgrades available too. Our portfolio of brands include hot tubs that are specifically designed for a couple, offering a more compact and intimate space. For example, the Arizona hot tub, Tahiti hot tub and the Topaz hot tub are all part of our flagship brand, Platinum Spas and have been designed for couples to enjoy, but will comfortably seat up to 3 people.

This Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself and your loved one to a new kind of relaxation? In our latest blog, we shared our top three reasons why a hot tub is the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

1.Wellness combined with romance

Imagine spending your Valentine’s date night soaking in a warm, bubbling hot tub; enjoying a massage from the current of the jets? Soaking in a hot tub has numerous health benefits. Hot tubs relieve stress and they provide relief for sore muscles and joints. A hot tub will also offer a space to relax and unwind in peace and private. Additionally, hot tubs relieve pain from conditions  such as fibromyalgia, lower blood pressure, and they can even improve sleep.

2. A gift with longevity

Most gifts have a sell by date associated with them. But, with a hot tub you can be guaranteed a lifetime of relaxation and luxury. With a hot tub, it’s an investment for life, not just for a specific day, week, month or season.

Even better so, a hot tub will provide you with memories to be made that will last a lifetime!

3. Create a romantic ambience

One of the most perfect ways to make the most of your hot tub, is to fully engage your sense. Many of our hot tubs come with built in LED lights and technology, creating a constant colour wash or flowing colour sequence. From underwater LED lighting, illuminated waterfalls to exterior panel lighting, our options have been designed to suit all different types of moods and aesthetics.

Why not take lighting a step further and invest in some twinkly fairy lights to compliment your hot tub and garden, or LED candles to add a touch of romance to the setting.

Discover a new type of relaxation this Valentine’s Day with Superior Wellness. Choose from a range of luxury, quality brands all designed to offer you a lifetime of relaxation. To find out more about the products and service we offer, contact our team today, or your dedicated Superior Wellness partner.