A day in the life of a Sales Executive

What is your job role?

Sales Executive

What does this entail?

I look after our retail customers by being their first point of contact. I engage with the customer, asking questions and ensuring I am selling them their perfect spa. Delivering a great customer experience and keeping in contact with them throughout the sale.  And then after the sale making sure they know that they will be looked after on their journey of purchasing a luxury item.

What does a typical day look like?

9am – I arrive at work, I don’t have to make a coffee because one of the girls always has one ready for me when I walk through the door- (it doesn’t go unappreciated 😉)

9:15am – I check all email inboxes and answer any questions that have come through the website, direct email or any follow ups.

10am – I go over to the showroom and check the chemical levels in our wet test area and add any chemicals as needed.

10:30am – Get back to the office and get back to work! Check emails, answer phone calls etc.

11am: This is usually the time of day when the phones are busy and customers are calling to place orders.

12:00pm – Dinner time! Me and my pool crew are off upstairs to the Games room in our sky lounge so I can beat them all at Pool 😉

12:30pm – Dinner is over, I’m now downstairs at my desk eating my healthy Katsu Chicken which is kindly provided by Superior Wellness to ensure the team are well looked after, even if you forget your dinner!

2:00pm – I then pull product data from our CRM system which shows me our recent sales and delivered spas throughout the year.  I call all of our customers and ask them if they are happy with their spa and ask if there is any help needed. This is a great way to keep in contact with customers as it can solve any problems before they arise and answer any questions that have may have. 

4:00pm – This is the time of day where the Sales Team have a debrief and talk about sales, prospects and any complications that may have happened throughout the day and come up with improvements and ideas for the day after.

4:30pm – I then test the spas in our showroom as we test chemicals twice a day to ensure they are the correct levels for anyone wishing to wet test them.

5:00pm –  Home time, the day has flown by and I’m ready for tomorrow’s adventure!

What is it that you enjoy the most about your job?

The most enjoyable part of my day is working with the team I have. I am the youngest in my team, I have worked here for years, and not once have I ever felt inferior because we all treat each other the same, regardless of age. We have a giggle and get our work done at the same time. Jamie, my Manager, is the best manager you will have. He is the perfect balance of a friend and a manager.

Would you recommend working at Superior Wellness to others? If so, why?

100% – It’s not just the workplace, it’s the people who work there. I love working at Superior Wellness because the Directors, Rob & Gaz are like big brothers rather than your bosses. They always push you to become the best version of yourself and believe that you can do anything you put your heart to – nothing is impossible. We are all such a big family and it’s so refreshing and enjoyable to come to a workplace where you are so loved. The vibe is unmatched – I’m pretty sure I will work here until my hair is grey!