A day in the life of an International Sales Manager

Meet Amaury Maeder, International Sales Manager at Superior Wellness. Amaury is based in Strasbourg, France and is responsible for growing and maintaining our partner network across Europe. Joining the team in August 2020, Amaury has been a key part of our consistent growth particularly in France, but also in other parts of Europe too. Amaury shares what his role involves and why we enjoys working at Superior Wellness.

What is your role?
As International Sales Manager for Superior Wellness, my role is to grow our partner network specifically in France but also in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world. I am the daily contact and account manager for our international partners – assisting them with any queries, advising on our products and lead times after speaking to the Superior Wellness head office and factories.

What does your typical working day look like?

8am: I work on my own and I am based in Strasbourg, France. I start my day at my office (at home), and of course with a cup of coffee. The first thing I do is check my to do list from the previous day to organise the day ahead. I also reply to the emails that were sent during the night from our suppliers and partners all around the world.

9am: Next I organise visits I plan to do during the week to our current partners and also confirm the one planned for this afternoon. I receive many emails and reply to them throughout the day to try and keep on top of them.

10am: It is also important that I assist the Superior Wellness teams based in the head office in the UK. They may need answers from me or our international partners in order to plan their day too.

I often liaise with our Logistics, Finance and Marketing teams to gather the information and resources my partners require. I also spend time speaking with Gareth Ward, our Sales Director. We share updates throughout the day via WhatsApp. We also receive updates from the factories to send containers to our partners, with the shipping situation it can take a long time to plan this correctly.

11.30am: Translation is also a big part of my job and I take an hour daily to complete this task. I translate the weekly newsletter to send to our partners and also brochures, price lists and spec sheets (translated to French or German). I also use this time to prepare for the weekly sales meeting.

12.30pm: It is time for the weekly sales meeting via Zoom. This is led by Gareth Ward, along with Graham Message, Business Development Manager and Alberto Hernando, our Spanish Sales Manager.

We share feedback from the past week and discuss what we are planning to do. The aim is to improve our knowledge to ensure we provide the best service we can. Even though many of us have years of experience in the hot tub industry, it is great to continue learning and improving your skills is a key to success.  

1.30pm: Finally lunch time, I grab something from the local cafe before I start my afternoon of meetings.

2pm: This afternoon I am visiting one of our existing partners at their showroom. It is really important I visit them face to face to build our relationship. We speak about their current orders and whether they would like to order more. We also chat about their future plans. I also make sure they have the marketing material they need in the showroom or if there is anything else they would like.

4pm: My next appointment is with a prospect partner in their showroom. I am speaking to them about our Platinum Spas range which is proving to be very popular. I tell them about the different flagship brands available with us, pricing and of course the benefits of working with Superior Wellness.

6pm: I head to the hotel where I am staying for the night. I have dinner at around 7pm and then check my emails and prepare for tomorrow before finally going to bed. If I am not away from home, I like to go cycling after work to relax.    

What do you love about your job?
I love the relationships I build with existing partners and new leads. I also love the relationships, and friendships too, with the Superior Wellness team – even though I have not met many of them face to face due to the pandemic. They help me daily to improve and go further in all that I do. It is a great place to work.

I am looking forward to visiting the head office in Chesterfield later this year. It will be great to meet everyone in person. It has been a tough year with travelling due to the pandemic.

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To contact Amaury about partner opportunities in France or Europe, please email [email protected]