Add a touch of luxury with the Vacation Range

A hot tub is the perfect addition for Holiday Cottages, Villas, Holiday Parks, Airbnb’s, B&B’s, Luxury Retreats and Glamping. Proven to increase occupancy and revenue by up to 60% adding a hot tub to your business is essential.

Jonathan Pritchard owns a holiday let based in Anglesey, he recently made the decision to add the Vacation Social hot tub to his property, from the new Vacation Range.

Jonathan purchased the hot tub from our partners at Concept Spa who asked him about the impact the purchase has had on his holiday rental property.

Why did you decide to purchase a hot tub for your holiday rental?

We wanted to increase bookings and people always say that it’s a bonus to have a hot tub, we were also recommended to get one by Sykes.

Why did you choose the Vacation Range?

I was recommended by Concept Spa to go for the Vacation social based on the value for money, the fact it’s simple and easy to use, less hassle/ maintenance, less things for people to break. 

Has it made a difference to your occupancy or revenue now you have a hot tub?

It has most definitely made a difference to my bookings; we are noticing that the winter months are also filling up much faster.

What feedback have you received from your guests about the hot tub?

Everyone absolutely loves it!

Would you recommend this range to other holiday let owners?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Vacation Range. It’s made our lives and our guests lives easier. 

If you own a holiday rental property and want to find out more information about the Vacation Range please contact our team today Contact Us – Superior Wellness