Energy efficient insulation for hot tubs

With energy prices rising, a hot tub with premium insulation has never been so important. At Superior Wellness, we understand the need for improved insulation. A range of our brands now offer energy efficient hot tub insulation giving customers across the globe the reassurance needed when investing in a hot tub.

In 2021, the Platinum Premium Shield insulation was introduced, an innovative energy efficient insulation.

Award-winning Platinum Spas Premium Shield

The latest Platinum Spas innovation was commended at the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2021, being awarded gold status in the Hot Tub Energy Efficiency Eco Award category.

The award-winning insulation features on the luxurious Platinum Spas premium range and swim spas. This combines five different types of insulation to retain the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process (SHIP). The end user will notice a considerable difference in the heat retained in the hot tub as well as a reduction in energy costs. This is incredibly important with the recent rise in energy costs and the need for more sustainable practices in general.

Innovation at the forefront

Rob Carlin, Managing Director, said: “We have a commitment to improving the energy efficiency of our products. For inspiration, we have looked at how modern homes are better insulated to help retain heat and therefore reduce the amount of energy being used.

“With running costs and energy efficiency at the forefront of a customer’s mind when buying a hot tub, it is vital to know that a luxury purchase such as a hot tub is not going to cost the earth to run.”

Platinum Premium Shield explained 

The insulation combines five different types of insulation to retain the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process (SHIP), which includes:

  • The base has a reflective foil wrap
  • The cabinet has thick foil coated insulation panels fitting into it
  • The shell has several layers of ultra-efficient spray foam
  • The hot tub has an additional 360-degree wall of reflective foil wrapped around the steel structure locking in heat
  • And the hot tub has a well-insulated cover

By reflecting the heat back inwards, the wasted heat created by the pumps and other components can be recycled. The heat is then used to help maintain the temperature through heat transfer via the vast amount of plumbing, this assists with the overall running costs.

The Platinum Spas brand continues to innovate every year with new models being introduced to ensure they offer the very best in technology and design, with a wide choice to suit every budget.

Thermals Spas R-10 Full Insulation

R-10 full insulation technology has proven to be very popular within the hot tub industry. Its purpose is to reduce the running cost of hot tubs to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection.

Similarly to the Platinum Premium Shield, the R-10 full insulation is another example of a heatlock system.

Environmentally friendly insulation

The exterior of the cabinet is insulated with a spray foam, the same as the spa shell is covered with. This foam is also used on the base, meaning the product is completely encased with foam. This stops cold air penetrating the cabinet but also holds the warm air within the cabinet. By doing this process, any wasted heat from the motors is captured and instead of exhausting this heat, it is recycled to help maintain a consistent temperature.

We often compare hot tub insulation to the insulation of a house. We insulate the frame and sides with a foam board or spray foam, almost the same as you would insulate the walls and roof of a house.

Another major benefit the R-10 insulation also has for the end user is access. If there is ever any need to undergo maintenance, R-10 offers complete access to all components within the hot tub, making any maintenance checks or updates easy to achieve.

In addition to the highly efficient insulation, Thermals Spas also includes a 10cm thick cover and Thermo Lock System technology layer. This ensures users can keep the water at the optimum temperature at a relatively lower cost.

To discover more about the Thermals Spas brand, watch the introductory video below.