National Apprenticeship Week: Introducing Will, Digital Marketing Apprentice

At Superior Wellness, we’re committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, which is why we’re proudly working with apprenticeship and training provider, Baltic Apprenticeships, creating opportunities for young adults who are wanting to gain first-hand experience of the working world.

We currently have a business apprenticeship within our marketing department, Will Brooks, who started as a Digital Marketing Apprentice in October 2021.

Discussing his experience with Superior Wellness and the completion of his apprenticeship so far, Will shares why he decided to take the apprenticeship route, his future career aspirations and what it is like to work at Superior Wellness.

Description of the apprenticeship, why you chose an apprenticeship in this sector and what you enjoy about it

I am currently completing a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice at Superior Wellness. The reason I decided to do an apprenticeship mainly stemmed from my college experience and career aspirations.

Upon leaving school, I completed 2-year course at college studying film and television. The course included studying theory, creating short films, and editing them together. There was also an element of social media and how best to utilise the channels to help with promotion. This is something I really enjoyed and wanted to pursue further.

The most enjoyable thing about my apprenticeship is that no day is the same. The working environment is also a huge benefit. We have a games room on site where we can go and play pool or relax by watching TV on our lunch break. This gives the working environment a home from home feeling.

The benefits of choosing an apprenticeship route to get into the sector

I personally feel the benefit of doing an apprenticeship is that there is always a chance you might be offered a full-time position upon completion of the course. This is something I am aiming for.

Having trained in the sector and developed the skills required for the role, it would be fantastic to be offered a full-time position at Superior Wellness.

Your ambitions for your future career

My short-term goal is to complete the apprenticeship and achieve a distinction. After I’ve completed my apprenticeship, hopefully I will have impressed the company enough to be offered a full-time role at Superior Wellness. From there, I look forward to gaining more experience within the industry to develop my skills and progress in my career.

What is it like to work at Superior Wellness?

The best thing about working at Superior Wellness is how family friendly the place is. The directors have built a close-knit, family environment. For example, Managing Director, Rob, will play pool with you on lunch. He also visits the different departments every morning to say hello and ask how you are – he really cares about the team’s wellbeing.

There is also a free on-site gym which all team members can use at any time. Weekly exercise classes are held at the gym including boxing and circuits.

I am very well supported by Baltic Apprenticeships, my apprenticeship provider, my line manager and colleagues. I feel lucky to be starting the early stages of my marketing career with Superior Wellness.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

No day is the same and that’s what I love about this job. In terms of my typical day, no day is the same and my tasks do vary. However, to give an example:

I usually start the day by checking through my emails and replying to any that I received during the night. First thing each morning I also have a 15 minute catch up with the Senior Marketing Executive and Marketing Executive. During this time, we discuss our priorities for the day so that we remain focused and on task.

I am back at my desk and can check my diary to see what tasks I have planned for the day. For example, usually one of my first tasks is to plan and write copy for the Miami Spas social media platforms. This is our retail division.

After I have got a clear idea of the themes and posts for the week ahead, I will start to create the supporting image using Canva. Once this is done and has been signed off by the team, I will copy the text, image, or video into my content calendar and Sprout Social so that it is ready for scheduling.

Before you know it, the morning has flown by, and it is time for lunch. This usually consists of playing a pool in our on-site games room.

The afternoons will then usually consist of me carrying on with my daily tasks. This could include anything from creating a Tik Tok or coming up with content ideas for Tik Tok, to adding new content to our websites, Superior Wellness, Platinum Spas and Miami Spas.

The team may require some help with a campaign report. This includes downloading statistics from channels such as Google Analytics, social media and email marketing to analyse what is working and where we can make improvements.


Before the end of the day I will check that all content has been scheduled and check up on any last-minute emails that may need actioning.

The day has disappeared and it’s time to go home and relax ready for another busy day!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering an apprenticeship?

Personally for me, as university was never in my plan, completing an apprenticeship was always the path I wanted to pursue. It is easy when you’re young to overlook how beneficial an apprenticeship can be, but hopefully sharing my experience will help others see the huge benefit.

To anyone who is considering an apprenticeship but might not be 100% sure if it is the right thing for them, I would say go for it. It is an incredibly valuable way to develop your skills personally and professionally. I am learning on the job while also experiencing several valuable life lessons in a professional working environment. Since I started my apprenticeship, I haven’t looked back!

We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our team and support our future growth plans. Visit our dedicated careers page, or register your interest with our Head of HR, Carol, at [email protected].