Our longest standing employee is celebrating 8 years

Luke Shiels Logistics Manager

Today is a very special day (14 July 2022) for one Superior Wellness employee. Luke Shiels, Logistics Manager is celebrating working here for 8 years. He first started here in 2014 and over the years Luke has seen many changes and certainly has a few stories to tell.

We asked him a few questions about his time at Superior Wellness, his plans for the next eight years and his key moments he has been proud of.

What role did you do when you first started at Superior Wellness?

I actually started off working in the warehouse. We sold toilets, baths, showers, parts as well as hot tubs and my role was wrapping in the warehouse ready for delivery.  There was only about six people working in the company when I started. After about six months I then went on the road to deliver the spas. 

Rob Carlin, Gareth Ward and Luke Shiels a few years ago!

When did you move to Logistics?

After a couple of years, I then moved into the office as a Logistics Manager.  At the time it was a small company so I did a bit of everything – the whole process from sales, to logistics, to warranty plus dealing with customers who came into the showroom.  As more people joined the team, I then started to just focus on logistics.

How has your role changed over the last few years?

My role has changed quite a lot with the team expanding to four people. Now we have the Netherlands and USA warehouses I have expanded my knowledge.  Nicole has been a massive help and has pushed me to learn more. 

Tell us about some of your favourite memories working here

Going out delivering spas in the van; it felt like we really achieved something.  It was a big thing at the time. I worked with a guy called Grant Frisby, a good friend of mine and have lots of happy memories.  After work we would all stick around and play football in the yard, along with Rob, Gaz and Jamie and these are some of the reasons why I am still here today.

Any key moments or milestones that you have been proud of?

Moving into the new office location was a huge milestone.  Eight years ago, I didn’t think we would ever move into somewhere as big as this.  We used to have half a dozen spas in stock at one time, and now we can stock up to 3,000.  It is such a huge transition from the beginning and I am proud to have played a part in this. 

Also, the opening of the showroom earlier this year was a key moment for me.  As the longest standing employee, I actually cut the ribbon. The opening made me feel really proud of Rob and Gaz, what they have achieved and how far we have come. 

Luke in the new warehouse which stocks up to 3,000 hot tubs

Who inspires you here at Superior Wellness?

It has to be Rob and Gaz.  In the early stages it was them who were always trying to push me to improve and progress into new roles.  I was quite happy to be in my comfort zone, so without them I wouldn’t be the Logistics Manager I am today.

You play football as a semi-professional as well as working here, how do you manage to fit everything in?

It is really difficult and I am constantly spinning plates. But I am used to it and without the support and flexibility of the company it would not be possible.  

How would your colleagues describe you?

I think they would say I am bubbly, always happy to help, friendly, genuine, honest and good fun.

What’s the best thing about working at Superior Wellness?

It is definitely the people who I work with and the culture. 

What do you see yourself doing for the next 8 years?

I will still be working here and will continue to improve and increase my knowledge. It has been a tough 8 years but I have loved every minute. I think for the next eight years I will continue to try my best to keep learning and improving and help the company grow each year.

We asked some of Luke’s colleagues to say a few words about his eight-year achievement

The Logistics team said: “Luke is always there for us individually, as a team and for the company as whole.  Even in tough times he looks for positives and to build up morale. He is full of good energy and it’s contagious. We couldn’t ask for a better manager.”

Luke and the Logistics team

Gareth Ward, Sales Director said: “Luke is a fantastic work colleague, that really helped set the company culture. His attitude and work ethics are right up there with anyone I’ve met. He is a pleasure to be around and wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do.

“I couldn’t speak any more highly of a team member that has now grown into a true friend. He is the backbone of Superior Wellness.”

Rob Carlin, Managing Director said: “Having worked with Luke for 8 years and known him for much longer than this we couldn’t be without him as a company.

“Luke is a role model who demonstrates clearly our company core values and is a shining example for any new team members who join the Superior Family. It’s been a pleasure working with Luke and it will be an honour to keep working with him for many years to come!”

Congratulations to Luke Shiels on his eight-year achievement here at Superior Wellness and we will look forward to the next eight years.