Superior Wellness celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2023

National Apprenticeship Week is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to recognise the significant benefits of apprenticeships. This awareness week shines a light on the positive impact that apprenticeship programmes can have in providing upskilling and career opportunities for both employers and job seekers alike. Investing in quality apprenticeships not only helps to create highly sought-after skills within a specific industry, but it also provides valuable partnerships between employers and employees that can foster long-term growth.

Carol Claydon Head of HR at Superior Wellness said “We have noticed various business benefits associated with hiring apprenticeships at Superior Wellness. With the level of growth, we experienced during the pandemic, we needed to adapt training and roles according to the needs of our business. Apprenticeships have been critical to this – the flexibility of an apprenticeship really allows you to shape the roles and skills required, which in return is great for the personal development of the individual. We now have three apprentices in total, Will and Elicia are part of our marketing department completing a level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. Kieran joined the team as an apprentice in Software Development. They are all doing very well and are enjoying their time at Superior Wellness.”

We asked our apprentices how they are getting on and this is what they said,


I am involved in the maintenance of my company’s digital presence, including website content editing, email marketing, social media management and content creation.

The digital marketing industry is such a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry, therefore going down the apprenticeship route has given me an opportunity to immerse myself straight into the industry and get hands on experience. Choosing an apprenticeship in digital marketing means that I am able to build on my digital marketing knowledge to gain relevant and qualifications alongside developing my skills such as creativity through real work experience.

Superior Wellness have welcomed me into the company and treat me just like any other team member. I have continuous support from my line manager and other members of the marketing team which made settling in and getting comfortable in my role a breeze.


I’m currently doing a digital marketing apprenticeship in which my daily tasks include helping manage social media, creating social content, email marketing, and website maintenance.

Personally, for me, as university was never in my plan, completing an apprenticeship was always the path I wanted to pursue. It is easy when you’re young to overlook how beneficial an apprenticeship can be, but hopefully sharing my experience will help others see the huge benefit.

Overall, I feel the benefit of choosing an apprenticeship is you get the chance to learn on the job from a young age, whilst bringing in a stable income and also developing your skills within a proper working environment.

My workplace has been great in supporting my apprenticeship, allowing me to focus on my apprenticeship work when needed and providing support when necessary. Overall, my manager has been a big help as well helping me progress and succeed through the course and allowing me to produce the best work possible.


I’m a level 3 software development apprentice, my daily role varies a lot depending on the task at hand, I’m currently developing our new website Hekla, which is for our new sauna range. If I’m not working on Hekla, I’m usually bug fixing or adding functionality to our other websites. I do also take on small tasks for the CRM.

Apprenticeships provide an education as you could expect from college, only you are also learning on the job from being in a real working environment. I have found from my experience that nothing can really replicate working in a real company, so an apprenticeship provides both the standard education and experience within the sector you want to learn in.

My workplace has been extremely supportive regarding my apprenticeship, giving time for me to work on my projects and allowing me to use evidence of work for my assignments.

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