The perfect addition to your holiday home

With the rise in staycations set to continue, add a touch of luxury by adding a hot tub to your

A hot tub not only adds a touch of luxury but can also increase occupancy and revenue by up to 60%.
The year of 2020 has been a year to remember with a huge demand in holidaying in the UK and in
particular choosing accommodation that allows you to have your own space and privacy.

This trend is set to continue in 2021 with many properties up on bookings for the year. According to
Google, holiday cottages with hot tubs was the third most searched holiday phrase this year, up by
300% compared to the previous year.

A hot tub allows families and loved ones to reconnect and spend quality time together – something
we all appreciate even more so after the lockdowns of 2020. People are also focusing on their
wellness much more and a hot tub can help with this – soothing aches and pains, reducing anxiety
and stress and relieving headaches. All reasons that may inspire a customer to book a holiday
property with a hot tub.

Choose a Platinum Spas holiday let hot tub

A Platinum Spas holiday let hot tub is the perfect addition to holiday cottages, holiday parks,
leisure parks and glamping locations.

The hot tub seats 5 people with 40 jets – perfect for families or a group of friends. Platinum Spas are
also looking at introducing a holiday let hot tub for 4 people – perfect for a couple or small families.

The hot tub meets the HSG282 regulations; which are the guidelines for businesses to be able to
offer a hot tub for financial gains.

Gecko Alliance’s in.touch 2 ultimate remote control for your hot tub.
No matter where you are you are always in control with your hot tub. You can add the WiFi module
to monitor the status and access the settings of your hot tub from anywhere in the world.

Connect it to any smartphone or tablet. The perfect app for owners who want to connect their hot
tubs to the internet – saving you time and money.

Proven to increase occupancy and revenue by up to 60%, adding a hot tub to your business is
essential. The retail price of the Platinum Spas holiday let hot tub is £5,499.

Ordering your holiday let hot tub

Although this year has seen unprecedented demands for all types of hot tubs, Platinum Spas have
still been able to supply the holiday let hot tub.

Gareth Ward, Sales Director, Superior Spas said: “We have seen a huge increase in demand this year
=for our holiday let hot tub and the lead times have increased due to this. I would advise you to plan
in advance and order your hot tub now to ensure it arrives in time for the start of the season for
next year. Don’t wait until the new year as you may miss out on additional revenue by not having
one sooner.”

Superior Wellness work with the largest partner network across the UK, who distribute the holiday
let hot tubs on their behalf. They don’t offer any special arrangements such as lease or buy-back
offers and currently work with Sykes Cottages as their preferred hot tub supplier.
Gareth said: “We work with a large number of dealers – our partners – across the UK and we can
advise you who your nearest one is.”

Our recommendations

If you are looking to purchase a hot tub for your holiday home, we highly recommend a Platinum
Spas hot tub. Many people ask about the pitfalls and problems as it surely can’t be all about
increasing revenue.

Gareth said: “We do get a number of queries from potential buyers and this is a common question.
The constant upkeep, care and maintenance is the biggest downfall. You need to look after your hot
tub and ensure you provide the care and maintenance it needs and stick to the guidelines. However,
the increase in revenue you will receive in terms of price per night and occupancy will outweigh any
time and money spent on the upkeep.”

Why Platinum Spas?

Platinum Spas is part of the UK’s leading distributor Superior Wellness. Renowned for quality and
innovation at affordable prices with unrivalled warranties. The holiday let hot tub is designed to be
minimal maintenance to offer site or cottage owners the perfect solution. We want to go beyond
your expectations.

Contact Platinum Spas to find out where your nearest showroom is for the holiday let hot tub:

Tel: 01246 559071
Email: [email protected]