AquaSolus Brand Features


We see a hot tub as a piece of furniture and believe that every hot tub deserves to look good in any location and that’s why our AquaStyles cabinet is beautifully designed with contemporary horizontal slats with a modern look to complement your garden setting.

Our AquaStyles are produced with a very durable, synthetic material that can withstand all weather conditions, including snow, rain and heat, meaning it will provide years of maintenance free life and will only require a wash down with soapy water every now and then to keep it in pristine condition.

Aqua ChromoGlo / Enviro Glo

The addition of ChromoGlo is to enhance the bather experience and stimulate deeper relaxation and is designed around the science of Chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy lighting is a form of light therapy that has been proven to help improve your mood and overall health. It is known that different colours have a different effect on the body, mind, and spirit, which is why chromotherapy is often used to treat a variety of medical conditions.

ChromoGlo is the combination of controllable multi-coloured lighting that is introduced via small lights around the spa and within the backlit jets, which means the whole spa can be a single colour or slowly changing in the romantic mood setting. This can also be an added safety feature as all the seating sculptures are lit allowing for better navigation whilst you move around the spa. We also concentrate on lighting above the waterline with the addition of lights in the control valves and water features to further enhance the relaxation experience.

Enviro Glo is the addition of a full length exterior corner lighting panels which light up the surrounding environment with wonderful colours that are synced to those within the spa, illuminating the landscape around you. 

Lugano Aqua ChromoGlo

Aqua EverBase

We understand the importance of your hot tub base; it is an integral part of the construction. It is the foundation for everything that sits above it, as well as acting as a thermal sock against potential cold ground beneath it.

Aqua EverBase is formed from a one-piece sheet of a tough, rigid ABS thermoplastic, creating a sculptured pan base which locks in heat and sealing out moisture. EverBase is further strengthened and sealed with the addition of fibreglass, which helps to ensure those unwanted insects and other pests can’t gain access.

Being made from a robust thermoplastic, EverBase is immune to cracking, rotting, and rusting and is stable in all climates, either hot, cold or even wet making it the obvious base for your spa.

  • One-piece construction made from tough ABS plastic
  • Moulded for extra strength
  • Reinforced with Fibreglass
  • Totally sealed and weatherproof, locking in heat and sealing out moisture.
  • Forms part of the important insulation process
  • Aesthetically better than a rough painted wood base
Aquasolus Range

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Aqua EverFrame

Our AquaSolus range of hot tubs hold a large volume of water which means it’s imperative to have a quality framework that is capable of absorbing the weight and stresses year after year.

With this in mind our Aqua EverFrame utilises a tubular stainless-steel construction, which due to its shaped structure provides the very best strength available making it the ideal choice.

A stainless steel frame offers many advantages over other modern or traditional methods, it is totally stable and weatherproof. This means it won’t expand or contract, twist or bend in different environments or climates.  It will also not rot or rust but it also allows better access for any ongoing maintenance.

A true reflection on quality, we guarantee every Aqua EverFrame for a lifetime so you can enjoy your AquaSolus spa year after year with total peace of mind, in the knowledge that your frame won’t let you down.

  • Tubular for extra strength
  • Weatherproof
  • Corrosion Free
  • Steel is stable, it will not expand or contract with moisture or heat, making it ideal for any climate
  • Designed to allow better access
AquaSolus hot tub

Aqua HydroFlo – Hydrotherapy

One of the main reasons that people buy a hot tub is for hydrotherapy reasons and that was our main focus when we designed the new AquaSolus range.

Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is a complementary therapy that uses water for health purposes. It can be a great source of pain relief for chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia but it’s also good for helping to repair any muscle damage or purely for soothing daily aches and pains.

Recreating a massage in a hot tub similar to what you would receive from a massage therapist is not easy. It requires the right style of jets that are positioned in the correct places, delivering the right amount of waterflow and movement.

AquaSolus HydroFlo has been designed to target muscle groups around the body to deliver a powerful, yet totally controllable massage, with a combination of different jet sizes offering different waterflow pressure and an array of jet functions.

Whether you need to focus on your neck, shoulder, upper or lower back, legs or feet, HydroFlo has groups of jets in these important areas ready to provide the intense massage you require, all at the touch of a button.

Neck and Shoulder Jets

Our HydroFlo reverse moulding seats provide targeted neck and shoulder massage with jets located above the waterline which are trained slightly downwards aiming directly where your neck sits and powering into the top of your shoulders. 

AquaSolus - neck and shoulders

Back Jets

Our HydroFlow back massage is designed to massage the many muscle groups up and down the back and not your spine. The AquaSolus loungers have six large jets that are lined in parallel shape that aim directly at your muscular areas. The accommodating seats have a variety of jet formations that offer different massage experienced but are all targeting your whole back with large jets. 

AquaSolus - Back Jets

Leg Jets

Leg massage is often overlooked in a hot tub, even though our legs are constantly on the go. Our AquaLounge has been designed to provide a very penetrating massage from 16 direct jets either side of your calf muscles and two larger jets positioned to massage your hamstring muscle area. So, whatever your daily schedule brings, you can always relax with great leg therapy at the end of it by taking advantage of the AquaLounge

AquaSolus - Leg Jets.jpg

Foot Jets

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing. For some people it’s a very important requirement from a spa and our AquaSolus HydroBlaster foot jets do everything to simulate this experience.

These 7” foot jets have 14 individual jets within them, all producing a powerful directed stream of water that will need every part of your foot.

AquaSolus  Eco-Heatlock

In this ever-changing world of energy costs, it was important that we engineered our AquaSolus range with an impressive insulation process to help reduce running costs. This is the number one question asked by customers. So, we designed our insulation to reflect cold air away but to retain heat within the spa cabinet and recycle wasted heat our components generate.  This in turn reduces the amount of time the heater (the expensive part) operates in a 24 hour period, we call this Eco-HeatLock.


Our concept is simple but very effective as we took inspiration from the building industry as it’s a very similar method to the way we insulate our modern houses today, which is proven to be energy efficient.

  • We insulate the spa shell with several layers of high efficiency spray foam
  • We insulate the base with 40mm of reflective foam board
  • We insulate the cabinet with 40mm of reflective foam board
  • We then use a reflective foil barrier with air pockets to wrap the whole 360◦ of the inside of the spa, which creates a second heatlock barrier to further retain heat.
  • We insulate the top with an upgraded thermal cover to stop heat escaping
  • Recap-Heat is where we recycle all the wasted heat that the pumps produce, heat many brands exhaust out into the atmosphere, we recapture to help maintain the heat of the spa.

In summary we encapsulate the entire spa with heat retaining foam that also reflects the cold air away, making AquaSolus the ideal choice even in the harsh of climates of the globe.

There is also another benefit to Eco-Heatlock that is a major bonus. By insulating the exterior of the spa with insulating board it also absorbs noise from all the pumps housed within the spa, hence AquaSolus is also one of the quietest spas available on the market today. 

When designing this new range, we listened to feedback from our customers and partner network, but also responded to the energy crisis and produced a product that will help reduce running costs.

AquaSolus Eco Aqua Pur

There are several elements that are the benchmarks of a great hot tub and water clarity is number one.

We understand that many customers believe that the number of jets a spa has, the size of a pump or even the colour of the acrylic are the most important elements to them.  These are important considerations when making a purchase decision but if the water is not crystal clear and at the correct temperature you are not going to use your luxury hot tub.

AquaSolus takes a refreshing approach to water management with our Eco Aqua Pur system that is fully designed to enhance the user experience and reduce the amount of chemicals that are required to maintain a hot tub. Eco Aqua Pur is the balance of high flow circulation, enhanced filtration, our patented ozone and delay mixing chamber to create the perfect water management environment for you hot tub.


So how does Eco Aqua Pur work?

Like most of the best things in life, it’s simple and follows natures best examples.

Water clarity relies on the movement of water and controlled purification, elements we embrace with the AquaSolus Eco Aqua Pur range as we will move 18,000 litres every hour. This would mean with the average size hot tub of 1200 litres, we will move, filter and purify the whole volume of water 12 times every hour whilst the Eco Aqua Pur is in operation. You are also in total control as you can adjust how much the Eco Aqua Pur works within a 24 hour period.

With the use of microban filtration, we reduce the build-up of bacteria in the filter cartridges, which in turn mean less chemicals are use. The additional use of AquaSolus Patented Ozone means we can produce large amounts of purifying ozone gas for a longer period of time meaning you do not need to replace every 18 months. This coupled with a de-gas delay chamber, means we hold the purifying ozone in the solution of water for a longer period, which greatly increase the time we can clean

Using the latest efficiency technology from our Gecko pumps, we can provide better water flow while using less power, therefore maintaining water quality doesn’t cost the earth.

Aqua Music

One of the many ways to relax in a spa is with music and you can amplify your relaxation with Aqua Music our state-of-the-art Bluetooth system than can be navigated by a touch of the finger via our touchscreen controls or on your mobile device.

Enjoying Aqua Music therapy is a wonderful escape from everyday life as you fully immerse yourself with soothing sounds of your choice that circle the air around you.

Aqua Music is made up of four elements that when combined produce fantastic sound quality that’s not always found from a hot tub.

Firstly we use the impressive Gecko in.steam2 Bluetooth system which is acknowledged to be the best in the industry. A subwoofer has been added to produce a deeper richer sound that is then linked to the powerful shell speakers. Finally, and most importantly, due to the overall construction of the AquaSolus range we have a fully open cabinet that acts as a huge speaker, for which a sound engineer quoted “provides additional Natural Gated Reverb, which greatly enhances the sound quality”.

Aqua Music the ultimate music experience for your hot tub is fitted as standard on all AquaSolus models, as we feel it’s a major component for enjoyment and should never be an expensive upgrade.


The product range

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