Luxury living for you and your family

The new Canadian built hot tub range from Superior Wellness brings together quality engineering alongside industry leading materials and experienced manufacturing.

Fiji Spas has been carefully designed with the end user in mind and offers a selection of family orientated hot tubs that incorporate a range of benefits to suit all customer requirements.

The range encompasses various well sculptured models, from a compact single lounger to a 3-hydrotherapy pump social seater. Fiji Spas has all situations and requirements covered.

Quality Reassurance

With Fiji Spas, you can have confidence in the components used. We are proud to partner with industry leading suppliers to bring you the highest quality hot tubs at an affordable price point.


The hot tub base is one of the most vital compartments. The base for the Fiji range hot tubs is a preformed pan-base made from ABS plastic and is designed for structural integrity. The material will also act as a thermal insulating sock to prevent the cold penetrating from the ground up. This ensures the hot tub will sustain all different types of terrain.


Each hot tub is made from the finest 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) sustainable Canadian wood. This is treated to Class 4, meaning it is designed for external timbers used in ground or freshwater contact. The use of wood is very important and immensely practical – ensuring the products are built to last the test of time and all different types of weather and terrain.

Fiji Heat Recovery Insulation

The Fiji range is built with some of the best insulation across the industry. We use a heat recovery process where the wasted heat is recycled and reflected into the hot tub. This means that within any 24-hour period, the heater is used a lot less, but still maintaining the same level of insulation.

Interested in stocking Fiji Spas?

If you would like more information on the Fiji Spas range, please contact a member of the team using the link below.