Brand new 3D AR experience

Platinum Spas is proud to announce our latest venture into 3D AR (Augmented Reality) hot tub experience which is available to view on the Platinum Spas website.     

This latest feature will enable you to not only be able to have a 360 view of the Premium range Tokyo hot tub but also view the hot tub in your space and the process is really simple. This will allow you to make an informed decision on whether the hot tub is the right choice for you.  

The introduction of the 3D AR means people can now view the Tokyo hot tub from the comfort of their home before actually making the trip out and visiting one of the Platinum Spas showrooms. 

It will also be a great benefit to our partner network as it will enable them to demonstrate this product to a customer even if they do not currently have that particular model in stock. 

One of the benefits of AR is that it increases engagement and interaction whilst also providing a richer user experience. We are continuing to innovate and focus on what our consumers want. This is just one of many steps we are taking to take our marketing to the next level.  

Scan the QR code above

Another benefit of this new technology is that it enables you to scan, place and view the hot tub at 100% of its actual size. All you need to do is scan the QR code on your smartphone camera and you’ll be free to roam and inspect the hot tub. This will allow customers and partners to see whether or not the hot tub would fit into their showroom, garden room, garden space or wherever you wish. This will increase conversions rates and help with the decision making of purchasing this hot tub.

We are really excited to launch this new feature for the Tokyo hot tub and would love to receive your feedback. Please email your comments to [email protected]

The Platinum Spas brand continues to innovate every year with new ideas being introduced to ensure they offer the very best in technology and design.