New exclusive spa range

With the current climate as it is, forecasting for 2021 has become increasingly important, not just for manufacturers/distributors but also for dealerships. As we are all aware the demands for hot tubs worldwide has seen a squeeze on the supply chain and lead times have continued to extend outwards. With this in mind, forward thinking Superior Spas have signed an exclusive agreement to supply a new range of spas to the UK market in 2021 and beyond. 

Thermals Spas by Superior Wellness sees a well-balanced range offering stylish moulds and a mixture of single and dual pump spas covering an array of sizes with three swim spas to complete the range. Built using a corrosion free steel frame, Aristech acrylic and Gecko equipment the Thermals Spas by Superior Wellness deliver fantastic hydrotherapy and great value for money. 

Due to their unique buying power they have forward ordered over 4,000 units for delivery throughout 2021. Adapting the usual business model they have yet again brought you a range of high quality spas designed for a partner to make a good return on their investment. 

If you are looking at alternatives to fulfil your supply during 2021, look no further than Superior Wellness and their every growing portfolio of products. For more information contact Graham Message, Business Development Manager. 
[email protected]