New Miami Spas website now live

We are pleased to announce that the new Miami Spas website is now live, with a brand new look, feel and logo. Miami Spas is the retail division of Superior Wellness.

The new website is built on a mobile first design (as the majority of our traffic browse on mobile) and is focused on ecommerce and the customer experience. It now really comes alive on mobile.

The new homepage is very different to the old one – and straight away we are directing them to a category or products we want to push.

We also have an email sign up so we can start building our database, added new products and you can even book an appointment to visit our showroom as we look to build a more premium brand. 

A huge thank you to the marketing team and sales team for your hard work in making this happen. It has been a big team effort. The website will continue to evolve as we add more content to it and make continuous improvements.