Superior Wellness launches AquaSolus

Superior Wellness are delighted to announce the launch of AquaSolus for 2022.

The new AquaSolus product range offers six new hot tubs. The range encompasses various well sculptured models, from all seater models to models with one lounger.

We are launching this new range at The PSP Expo in Vegas and The Piscina and Wellness Show in Lyon both starting 15 November and are confident that this new product range will offer retail customers across the globe an improved choice and an exceptional hydrotherapy experience.

The new AquaSolus range from Superior Wellness has been designed to improve wellness. AquaSolus meaning ‘health through water’ in Latin is the essence of what you will experience with this range. The hot tubs have been carefully designed with wellness and hydrotherapy at the forefront

With AquaSolus, you can have confidence in the components used. We are proud to partner with industry leading suppliers to bring you the highest quality hot tubs with the best hydrotherapy experience. All AquaSolus hot tubs are built around an impressive tubular stainless-steel framework, due to its robustness we are proud to give a lifetime warranty on its integrity.

In a world of increasing energy costs, it’s vitally important to put energy efficient insulation at the forefront when designing a new hot tub and the AquaSolus range is no exception. Utilising a tried and tested Heatlock Insulation Process, where the exterior of the spas is insulated in the same way we insulate our homes, creating an inner heat shield. Using this method, we reflect the heat back inwards, the heat is then used to help maintain the temperature of the spa through heat transfer via the vast amount of plumbing, this assists with the overall running costs.

AquaSolus is a hot tub brand you can trust and one that has been built with the users’ wellness and best interests in mind.

Graham Message, Superior Wellness Business Development Manager said “Our new AquaSolus range sees Superior Wellness venture into the high end, high specification hot tub marketplace for the first time. Aimed for the more discerning customer who requires more than just fun from their hot tub, AquaSolus was designed to capitalise on hydrotherapy, water management and energy efficiency. No short cuts were taken when we designed this range as we wanted the latest technology and only the best industry components to match the vision, we had to make the AquaSolus range the best we could and I’m please to say we have achieved the brief we set ourselves”

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