Superior Wellness suffer catastrophic damage as Storm Babet floods the whole site

Chesterfield based Superior Wellness were unfortunately hit hard by Storm Babet and suffered catastrophic damage to their site due to extreme flooding

The heavy rain started on Friday 20 October, and within 12 hours, the whole site including the 130,000 square foot warehouse, the 10,000 square foot showroom, offices and on-site gym were underwater.  All staff were evacuated immediately.

A few hours later after the storm had passed, the damage had been done to the Superior Wellness HQ and all employees were informed that the site had been lost.

The following morning, the external water had almost drained away.  Rob Carlin, Managing Director of Superior Wellness asked for volunteers to help try and restore the site. In turn, all employees, friends, and family showed up to help clear the internal water and debris and get back the site to a normal state. Bags of cleaning gear, dehumidifiers and wet vacs were piling up at the doors ready to go. 

After an incredibly strong 48 hours of sweat, tears and determination, the warehouse was water free, the showroom was looking cleaner and employee offices had been moved upstairs. 

Superior Wellness were back to being fully operational on the Monday morning due to all individuals that turned up to help restore the site.

Rob Carlin, Managing Director said: “Thank you to every single team member, friends and family members who came to help.  Strangely it’s been one of the happiest days I’ve ever had.  The way everyone has come together is truly amazing.  Forever grateful! What a team!

“This has 100% made us stronger as a team.  What an amazing turnout at the weekend.”

Unfortunately, however, the Superior Wellness showroom still remains closed to the public until further notice.  This is currently being restored and will be back open again soon.  

The devastation of the site and the quick turnaround of the clean up operation is incredible and should not go unnoticed. 

A video was created by the marketing team showing the weekend’s events and has had a huge response on the Superior Wellness social media platforms including Facebook, InstagramLinkedin, Twitter and TikTok.