How it all started…

It all began in 2011, after Rob Carlin, Managing Director had been importing electronics from China and selling via Ebay in his bedroom in Chesterfield. Rob then researched and discovered hot tubs, incorporating Superior Spas in 2011 and selling via Ebay.

In 2014, Rob attended the trade show Spatex and decided to go down the distribution route. It was here that Superior Spas was born.

Rob moved his office from his bedroom to Brimington in Chesterfield in 2013. The head office was still located there until March 2021.

Moving to distribution

Superior Spas initially distributed the Superior Spas brand which was manufactured by Wellis (after they met at Spatex) for almost four years until 2017. Rob then made the decision to move away from Wellis and instead to manufacture a new brand in America called Superior Spas.

In 2016 the brand Platinum Spas was created, followed by Be Well Spas in 2018 and California Spas in 2020.

A memorable year – 2020

2020 was a year that none of us will forget for many reasons. Due to Covid-19, more people were spending time at home and spending money on transforming their gardens. Sales for hot tubs and swim spas increased and the Superior Spas team grew – to keep up with the demand but also striving towards the vision.

In November 2020, Superior Wellness was created. The group name for our brands. This reflects what we do as a company – we focus on improving wellness and offer the widest range of award-winning hot tubs, swim spas and other related products to suit every customer’s needs.

Superior Wellness is now the world’s fastest growing hot tub manufacturer. Our vision is to be the world market leader in hot tubs and swim spas, offering the widest choice of high-quality products and commended for our focus on wellness and best in class customer experience.

Celebrating 10 years

Superior Wellness celebrated their 10 year anniversary on 28 April 2021.

It all began in 2011, at the age of 23, Rob Carlin, Managing Director decided he wanted to import and sell hot tubs.  Having zero knowledge of the hot tub industry he researched the products and saw a gap in the market for entry level products to be retailed online.

Fast forward 10 years and Superior Wellness are now the leading distributor of hot tubs and swim spas in Europe.



Rob started selling electronics via Ebay from his bedroom


Rob discovered hot tubs and started selling via Ebay (still in his bedroom)


Superior Spas was created and sold via the distribution route


Miami Spas, our retail division opened in January


The brand of Platinum Spas was created – we had actually been selling the product range since 2013


Superior Spas hot tubs and swim spas were designed in the UK and manufactured in America (previously manufactured by Wellis in 2014)


Be Well Spas brand was created


California Spas and Superior Wellness was created


Superior Wellness celebrated its 10 year anniversary

showroom image


The Miami Spas Showroom opened