Sustainability award

Superior Wellness is proud to have won the Sustainability Award at the 2021 Love Chesterfield Awards; a prestigious award ceremony organised by Destination Chesterfield.

This is the first-time sustainability has been recognised in the annual awards. Sponsored by Chesterfield Borough Council, the award was designed to highlight the importance of businesses working towards becoming carbon neutral. 

Sustainability is high on the agenda at Superior Wellness and it became even more important when we moved into our new 130,000 square foot warehouse and office in March 2021.

Within the first few months, we reviewed our waste strategy, purchased electric forklift trucks, installed solar panels and have electric charging points.

Our latest sustainability initiative was to replace all bulbs with LEDs. This has saved 67% in energy costs which have increased significantly recently. Based on the rooms being occupied 60% of the day the Annual Carbon Emissions saved (CO2 (kg) will be 99304.3. Carbon emission calculations are based on the Carbon Trusts recommendations 0.520kg/CO2 /Kwh of electricity produced. All running costs are based upon average total circuit wattages of leading UK brands of control gear.

We are also proud to announce our new supplier relationship with sustainable printing company, B&B Press.  B&B Press have been offering sustainable print solutions for over 10 years and were one of the first Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK.

To demonstrate our commitment to improving the planet’s wellbeing, we will now display the Carbon Balanced Print logo on printed materials. This will also be applicable to our global partner network.

Within the next 12 months we will continue to develop a sustainability strategy and seek to become more sustainable as a business. The ten-year vision is to become carbon neutral.