Introducing Aquark Heat Pumps

As energy costs continue to be a hot topic we think it’s important to diversify our range of heat pumps in order to have a product suitable for all customers. We have recently made the decision to invest in two new designs.

Discover Aquark, our new brand of heat pumps. Two products with a sleek and modern design, made with the highest spec technology to bring customers a huge energy saving when using hot tubs.

Mr Silence

Inverpad® Pool Heat Pump

Using Inverpad® technology created by Aquark Electric, looking to disrupt the pool heat pump industry of standard, noisy heat pumps. Mr. Silence perfectly combines unique pad appearance, Stepless DC inverter and noise cancelling technology together.

Smart Technology Solution

At the start of the spa season, the pump will run at full speed to heat up your spa or pool rapidly. Once the desired temperature is reached, Mr. Silence automatically adjusts to a lower speed, offering a more efficient and quiet operation. The COP [Coefficient of Performance] at low speed is up to 16.


Inverter Pool Heat Pump

With Stepless DC Inverter, the compressor speed can be adjusted hertz by hertz and fan motor speed can be adjusted round by round. It adapts intelligently to different heating demands.

Quiet by Design

Thanks to Inverquark technology, Stepless DC inverter compressor and DC brushless fan motor,
AquaIntel runs at 40dB(A between a whisper and moderate rainfall.


Double energy saving

By using a 13kW AquaIntel heat pump to heat up a 50m³ pool by 1°C, you can save 1012kW of energy consumption over a pool season. That’s nearly double the energy saved when compared to an equivalent 13kW On/Off heat pump.